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1.    Can You Be An Individual And Married At The Same Time?

2.  Will We Get Bored With Each Other? Can Our Connection Deepen and Grow For a Lifetime?

3.    Can Spiritual/Sexual be Used In The Same Sentence? How Can I Be "One" with One, When I Have Had Sex With Many?

Are You Ready For Marriage?

What Does is Take to Have a Great Marriage?

Together you fell in love.  Together your hearts decided they never wanted to be apart again.  You can't wait to share a lifetime of passion when it's great and forgiveness when it hurts.


You had teachers in school, coaches for sports.  Could your relationship use a coach?  


For over 30 years Troy has been listening and watching couples fall in love and struggle to stay in love.  Every couple can have what they want.  Every couple can be madly in love.  


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We want to say thank you for continuing to help us in our marriage and helping us to push our boundaries and never settle for anything but the best.

Kyle & Kelsey




After taking Troy's course, my relationship with Tim has continued to deepen.  We're more honest with each other, realizing that it doesn't do any good to hold a concern back fearing it will "hurt" the other person.  We openly share what's on our minds; both our joys and our concerns. 
Our self-assurance has increased, which in turn, increases our assurance and trust in each other.  
We truly are each others best friend.  We're confident in who we are when we're apart, but most enjoy our time together.  That time may be work, household chores, a road trip, or vacationing.  It doesn't matter what the activity, we're just happy to be together.  
We see each other as being even more physically attractive than when we first met!  
Troy's course definitely launched us into the beginning of a happy and fulfilled marriage!"
Tim & Mindi


When we picked Troy to perform our premarital counseling, he exceeded our expectations. We picked him because we knew he would do Christ-centered sessions and bring a unique point of view to the table. His coaching sessions helped uncover a few issues we had not previously thought about, and gave us strategies on how to deal with new issues when they did arise. Those strategies have helped us tremendously during our first four years of marriage.

Alberto & Raquel

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