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Love Yourself, Date With Confidence


After years of coaching young women I created this course to be a simple 4 step process.  Your beautiful, your feelings matter, your smart and God's Spirit gives you clarity.  Love yourself, love your life. 

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Here's how to prepare . . . .

Where am I now?

If I met a great person today, am I capable of giving them the love they will give me?

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Learn how to take care of you first so you will ultimately attract the soulmate of your dreams!


Date with Confidence

Now that you have taken the course, you are ready to be your best self with the highest chance of success!


Decide what you really want out of a relationship. 

Take the time to map out your personal goals and make sure you are 100% ready to attract the right person.

Don't hinder your relationship success. Prepare yourself today.


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