Troy Beans

Teaches You How To Love (Even when you think you already know how)

Love Yourself

Learn to see yourself and others through the eyes of love. I will teach you to feel and believe you are beautiful so you can attract the right person or better the relationship you are in.

You're Not Alone

Learn how to never feel alone again. Don't jump into a relationship that will waste your time and bring you heartache.

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Getting Married?

Will your marriage thrive, survive, or die?

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For 30 years Troy has been mentoring, teaching, and coaching teenagers all the way through to marriage and parenting.

Troy will use his experience as a relationship coach, teacher, and championship basketball coach (13 Championships in 20 Years), to guide you through the fundamentals of life so you can be "One" with Jesus, tolerant, and happy with yourself while finding deep deep intimacy and "oneness" in marriage.

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