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Thriving Marriages are not an Accident!

Love never fails! When you understand what love is it becomes crystal clear to you what love isn't. God is love! When you see yourself the way God does, comparisons fade away and you are free!

You are your own person!

There is no one like you!

Healthy people love so much more!

You can't love someone else more than you love yourself!

Freedom to choose is your greatest strength!



We are the best Teammates!

We have no secrets!

We fight through problems together!

Our unique differences make us stronger!

Truth and honesty gives us the freedom to love with abandon!

We are Sexy!

I have eyes only for you!  

You are all I will ever need!

Sex is pure and holy!

We become one.

Our connection is true, beautiful and magical!

Create Your Future!

Change, choice, love are powerful words! How are you going to change your life?  What are the choices?  How do you know your on the right path?

Love is the force behind all good!  Love creates respect, honesty, trust, integrity, service and fairness.

God is love!  God loves you!  As you learn to Love yourself your body relaxes, anxiety, worry and hopelessness fade.

To love yourself means you are beautiful, your feelings matter, your mind is more than enough and something bigger than you gives you balance, courage and hope!  God loves you!



What's Your Relationship Score?

"Excellent! This easy-to-digest inspiration series presents thought provoking questions which stick with me throughout my day. I find myself continuing to digest what I've learned. The information is clearly presented and action steps are easy to follow! I highly recommend!"

Mindi H.
Praise for Troy's Course: Love Yourself, Date With Confidence

"I have really enjoyed getting to know and work with Troy. He is a one-of-kind individual who clearly and genuinely cares about his clients. His advice and coaching have helped me tremendously, and I offer my recommendation without reservation for anyone considering Troy to help them achieve their goals."

Justin W.

"Troy was a pleasure to work with and was able to break down each facet of our relationship with relative ease and offer sound counsel and guidance. Above all, each session was Christ-centered and the quality of each session was phenomenal! I highly recommend him to anyone and will definitely go back for some "refresher" sessions."

Alberto M.

"Our sessions with Troy have been outstanding! He always provides the best advice and is a very good listener. His words of wisdom are extremely valuable for any couple!"

Kelsey D.

"Troy’s mentorship has been a huge inspiration and has profoundly affected my life."


"Troy successfully combines humor and non-judgemental prompting to inspire and motivate!"


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